About Travis

Travis Bedson was born in North Charleston, South Carolina and was raised by a single father in a former redlined neighborhood in Summerville. Growing up, Travis’s father instilled a strong Christian faith in his son based on the words of Proverbs 22:6, which reads: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Through his father’s guidance Travis learned the value of hard work at a young age, often helping his father complete flooring installation jobs before turning 6 years old. With the stability provided by his beloved grandmother, and the mentorship of numerous teachers and coaches that served as role models throughout his adolescence, Travis was able to navigate a difficult childhood and develop the values that have led him to where he is today.

As a young adult Travis Bedson relied on his work ethic and tenacity to pave his path through life, working in jobs across a broad range of industries and learning the skills to succeed along the way. Travis ultimately found success in the construction industry and quickly gained the respect of clients and peers as he began taking on larger jobs. This experience led to the beginning of what is now known as CNT Foundations. For two years, Travis lived out of CNT’s office, pouring everything he had into the company which rapidly grew to a regional leader in the foundation repair industry.

Today, Travis still serves as CEO of CNT Foundations, but feels blessed that his company has grown to the point where he can spend more of his time with his wife Yuliya and two young daughters Lucy and Juliet.

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Why Travis Bedson is Running

Travis Bedson plans to bring common sense solutions to South Carolina’s education woes. By putting more funds in the classroom, giving teachers support they deserve, and preparing our children for the workforce – Travis Bedson aims to reverse a decades long trend of failing public education.


Under South Carolina law, campaign committees must use their best efforts to collect and report the name, mailing address, and occupation of individuals who contribute $100 or more in an election cycle. The maximum contribution is $3,500 per individual or corporate entity per election cycle.

Where Bedson Stands on the Issues

Standing up for Parental Rights

As a champion and advocate for parental rights, Travis Bedson will fight to keep “woke” indoctrination out of South Carolina’s curriculum. CRT and SEL are liberal policies designed to divide the country and indoctrinate children, and in his Department of Education Travis Bedson will crack down on rogue teachers who are undermining parents’ authority over what their children are exposed to. Furthermore, Bedson will oppose any woke agenda that comes as strings attached to federal funding, including letting boys participate in girls sports. Bedson believes that parents are the primary decision makers on what is best for their children including masks, vaccines and other medical decisions, and the school they feel best suits their child’s needs.

Improving Parent-Teacher Collaboration

Over the past several decades the relationship between South Carolina’s educators and parents has been on the decline. PTAs are largely a thing of the past, leading to poor communication, and a lack of trust in the public education system. As Superintendent of Education, Travis Bedson will work to revitalize Parent Teacher Associations and rebuild the trust between parents and educators by making it easy for anybody to follow the way that the Department of Education’s funds are being spent.

Getting Back to Basics

South Carolina’s public school system is currently ranked 43rd in the nation. As a businessman, Travis Bedson would never accept such a poorly ranked product from his company, and he will bring that same mindset to the Department of Education. Instead of expending time and resources on issues such as CRT, Travis Bedson plans to refocus the Department on the foundation of education – reading, writing, math, and science.

South Carolina needs an experienced leader like Travis Bedson who knows how to get the most out of every dollar of a budget. In Travis Bedson’s Department of Education, administrative waste will be cut drastically, and money will instead be spent on making sure teachers are adequately compensated for the high-quality work that is expected of them.

Preparing Students for the Workforce

By renewing the Department of Education’s commitment to robust trade programs, Travis Bedson hopes that we can get away from viewing a 4-year college program as the only path to success after high school graduation. South Carolina’s economy has recently attracted a slew of new employers, but as Travis knows from his own experience as a job-creator, employees are often not equipped with the skills they need to immediately fill these positions out of high school. By increasing funding for trade programs across the state, students will be afforded a direct path to high paying jobs upon graduation.